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Friday, February 14, 2014

Money for all!

Why we all were happy in our own childhood?
It is simple.
Then all the things around us looked yet the same for us -
everything were unknown, mystic and interesting.
I realised all the things were in their own places. So money.
Then for me money was a paper,
just one more regular part of the world
whose place is in the handbag of Mom.
Yes! I used to be happy then!
I just was free from any thing!
I also was free from a fear...
Not... to reach... to become... to get through.
I was then happy in the world without career and success.
The world of money!
I had been simple still unaware
that my personal fantastic unique  life
was going to turn into one that similar to all  the other's -
the lonely war for money against all the rest...
Are we happy with that?
What a good life of us! be enslaved by neither a paper nor just a thing...
Yes. All our own lives are mainly ruled by a power...
Now my own place in our world is in money's pocket!
What a Happiness!
A man!
May I be free and happy again?
Please, make that for me!
Be aware! There exists the only way -  to take that right step jointly.
If we all need money - to be happy for us is not to struggle for it
but make money together for all!
Let's take this new track!
We all will realise!
We are not the slaves of money - we lead it!
A man! Join me!
Join our new world of  happiness!
The main rule of us -
Money for all!