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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The global TV world of us all

In the modern global world of us all - the main National TV reality show of every country should be global one. As each resident gets his daily, real, simple, free chance to become the main contestant of our overall game. And he will be taken into the show TV studio to play this common TV game. For him to win this simple but the most exciting and unpredictable game of all - means to become a millionaire! TV Channel, the game provider, would benefit the highest viewing rate if it just could guarantee the daily prize of one million dollars to implement the show. But where these big money should be taken from?
It should exist a proper way to do that!
At least One million TV viewers will surely send their SMS which cost is 1$  to response on line to the game happening in TV studio if every one of them just get his own chance to become  by draw  the tomorrow's game episode main contestant! It could be great show!
For all it will be Our Last Reality Show!
As Our First TV Social network.
Who will be the first country to start the game in the world? Maybe Yours?