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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sensation! Your Reality Show! Finally We All Are Really Equal!

New revolutionary daily TV reality show can turn every home viewer into a millionaire!
Tell us all, please, if it runs in Your country already.
All the rest are welcome to read the rules of the game on
Very soon You will get this game as Your daily chance in life!
Finally we all are really equal!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The letter to happy world of friends!

Hi, friend!
Can I ask You to send the letter of happiness to all Your friends!
Make every Your friend a happy millionaire!
Dear friend! I need Your help!
I want all the world to read my next message!
It is about...
My happy life history.
Believe me, it will make You and many others happy millionaires!
It will also be Your happy life history!
If You really feels Yourself to be my friend - help me, please!
Save us! Save us all!
Ask all Your friends to take a care about the share of this letter -
my scream for help - to all friends of their friends!
Make them happy millionaires as well!
I believe! The friend's help is able for a miracle and
by Your help every Human will read this!
That will turn our world into a friendly and wealthy one!...
So my happy life history.
Like You, probably, I have ever been considering
it is impossible for me to turn into the happy one if I am still a poor one.
I went for money.
I made a lot of bad steps in life needed
to earn my own living in our unhappy common world, but...
With every filth I did, even when I got good money for that...
I always felt the internal unworthy pressure... of guilty.
It seemed I arranged this filth for myself only, not for others.
I just realised!
When we harm others - we also hurt ourselves, not others only!
A man, be aware!
Every step in life of Yours can be either a crime or a miracle!
So You can feel Your life as either a happy game or
Your own guilty punishment by Our Beautiful Eternal World...
So when a dirty action of mine even brought money,
was I happy?... Yes or No?
I managed to change my own world!
Since I took another track in life - I am believing!
It is possible for me and everybody else
to walk along Your and my own lives
on the worthy and happy way for a wealth!
I believe!
It will come the day
that I have already paid with the last bad event of my life for my guilty.
Yes! I paid back with my own pain - the rightful price for the pain
of all those I had ever hurt and wronged
on my former wrong way but now I believe!
From now on I will make good steps in life only to become
a happier, better, wealthier person!
Now! I am a proud and happy person,
I am on my way to become...
A happy millionaire!
Thank, You, friend!
Your Dmitry.
P.S. If You also dream to be a happy millionaire - the dream to come true
You should just take the only wright next step
and Your tense life will turn into a happy game -
Our Last Reality Show... Just find it!
PP.S Keys for the happy and wealthy life are simple!
Before every step of Yours - just ask Yourself -
if it will harm others?
Tell all Your friends - this simple rule is the proper way for them and You
to become happy millionaires. I wish You and believe!
Let's change the ugly world we all live in!
Let's be the world of happy friends when every friend has
his daily, free, real, personal chance to become a millionaire!
Our Last Reality Show

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A man, STOP! SOS!

A man, STOP! SOS!
Tell all Your friends - we should stop that!
Your own unhappy life is just a war...
You are fighting alone against the entire world... for money.
You should be aware there exists the proper way for You
not to struggle  any more
but become a happy part of our common beautiful world!
You, like anybody else, could live Your life as a happy overall game -
Our Last Reality Show!
The rules are very simple - You and every one of us all get
Your daily, free, real, personal chance
 to turn into a millionaire!
 It is indeed so possible for You!
 You will realise that
 when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
 Our Last Reality Show!
 Make the first step towards Your happiness!
 Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! Save us all! SOS!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Save Your Life!

A Man, Stop!
Your life in danger!
Yes! Your own and the only life!...
It could be a happy game, but it is the deadly play... for money...
No! You are not a player, but rather a warrior
who every morning leaves his home-citadel to go to the war
against anybody else!
Your aim is to be the better one than others
when we all try to cut a juicier piece for ourselves only
from the mutual hunk of.. our common money...
You are aware... Every one wants to win and You may lose all...
But even if You win wealth - what a happy life of Yours it will be?
The one of the man who is surrounded by a hungry wolf pack,
that is ready for the worst to reach money, Your money...
Very bad, but be honest... You are just unhappy
when You also have to harm others to earn Your living...
Yes! Our world is far from being the world of overall happiness...
There is no hope for a happier and worthier life... Yes?
Stop! A man, smile, please!
We all, the people, are able to leave forever this world of animals
till now we live in!
Let's create together New Beautiful World of The Happy People!
There exists the truly track!
It is so possible for us not to struggle all together for money but
play along a good, daily TV Game that makes us all happy!
Every morning You will be happy to feel that You, like any one else,
are getting into a better, happier and wealthier person!
You are happy and calm, You are just aware...
Today, like any other day, no war between all is needed any more
to turn into the wealthy one! Yes!
Every one, and You, has got his personal, real, free chance
to become a millionaire!
It is so possible indeed! You will realise that
when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
Our Last Reality Show!
Make the first step towards Your happiness!
Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! SOS!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My last depressed day! Yours?

My last depressed day! May be Yours?
It could be Yours!
I wish You all that!
For about ten long and ugly years I had been depressed and
nothing medical helped me, not alcohol, not drugs.
Every second of that my life I simple dreamed to escape from myself.
Then I realised the main reason of my depression and  I got slowly changed.
My depression disappeared as well, step by step.
You could also do it! You should just realise.
We are all the same.
In our common world we are regular that happy life is
to be personally successful one and to make good money.
It means You have to do a lot of bad things for other People,
otherwise You would miss the chance for Your own success.
So, we seemed have no a choice...
To be a winner means to win over them, others...
What a happy life!
Would You still wait for a warm friendship from all those people who
You are surrounded by?
Or You are just aware they are ready for a attack?
Because they should be successful ones... They need money...
I do not exist for them. I am so alone in this war...
That is the reason that our lives are so fearful and sad ones -
our brain forever keeps Trojan information about
all our dirty steps in life we did, even if we have already forgotten
all those we made them suffer.
I should be honest to myself,
My cold mathematical brain, this computer of mine,
can find the only possible value for my personality!
"I am a bad person of a bad world."
Yes. I am just a part of the common depression.
Yes, I am really depressed... Why do I feel bad now?
Is it my punishment? My present bad feeling is, probably, my reward
I deserved for some my own past mistake!
Can it be stopped?
Is there a sure way for my recovery?
I just realised!
We are personally responsible for every our step in life.
To be a good person is the first step of the needed treatment!
First of all!
I swear to myself!
In the future nothing will force me to harm others!
I believe!
It will come a day I already paid back all those I had hurt and wronged
and from now on I am free from a possible punishment to come...
I am free and happy!...
Today I am a man who used to be depressed.
Is there a chance for You as well and for anyone else?
We should just change our depressed lives-war!
In order not to struggle for success against all others -
every one should get his own chance in life for a personal success.
A dream?
Just remember - "Our life is a game!".
I suggest You all, depressed and not depressed personally ones,
to turn our single lives inside the depressed world
into a happy and good non-stop TV story(game!)
of Our Beautiful Common World!
We would live there in a worthy and calm way and
every one of us would check his next step out, if it is the good one? Why?
From now on...
In Our World we all are equal and there is no matter who You are.
Healthy or the sick one... Man or Woman...
Your age, look, IQ, muscle power level, money - do not matter -
You gets Your own, daily, real, free chance to become
a happy and famous millionaire!
It is so possible now!
You will believe me - just read
"Rules of the game"
of Our Last Reality Show!
I believe! You will become a better, happier and wealthier person on a day!
The last day of Your own depression!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A mutual friend of the world...

Hi! Friend, I recognise You!
We are just the same!
We all are so tired of the kind of our lives.
Drop it away and welcome to our new common world of happiness!
We live together covered with mutual love and respect! Why?
We all are equal here in our world and...
Every one of us has his daily, real, free chance
to turn into a millionaire!...
Would You personally replace Your hopeless life with a happy game of
a new overall super TV reality show?
Yes or No?
Are You IN?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Do not cry, a happy millionaire!

 Every one of us cries...
"Oh, God!
If all bad events of my life are punishments I deserved
because of my own past wrong steps in life?
...So Your judgement is the unjust one!
Why lives of those people are
happier and more successful ones than mine?
Is it because of their " good behaviour ",
the one much worse than mine?
They are ready for the worst for money..."

We should realize the simplest thing...
We ourselves and all visible and invisible items existing around us
compose together eternal alive world, we all live in.
Our World.
You are an irreplaceable part of it, who is able to change it
with every Your step in Your life of Our World!
Into a better or a poorer one?
Is it up to You?
Everybody is so unique he even lives in his own unrepeatable small world in
accordance with his individual set of laws, that differs from anybody else's one.
That set had been somehow chosen and determined
as his personal life order for each and every one of us
by Our Common World(God?).
So our prizes and penalties, we get for the same good and bad
things we did in our lives, also differ from a person to another one!
So we initially are not equal?
Are we all kinds of  His puppets?
Do not we have any choice?...
Dry Your tears.
We all are inimitable geniuses.
Right, We are so various, but all together...
We could turn our fearful and hopeless common lives
into a happy game, where every one makes a choice
before each his next move when checks it out -
if it would be a good step in his life or a bad(evil?) one?
That is the question!
The main question of Your life - this
Our Last Reality Show!
This TV Game will come soon to create the new reality
of overall equality in Your country,
where every Your right answer on Your own main question
can make You a happy millionaire!
Just be the worthy one when waiting calmly for Your personal success.
Dear friend,  simple smile instead of crying.
To make Our World a better one
just wish all Your fiends one million dollar smile.
You will get it back, on a day...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Save Our World!

The Old world of Television starts to die...
Will You manage to save it?... You?...
Is it a dream or a miracle?
But it just can not be...
Because since the moment The Internet was born and till now...
Every TV Channel has been transforming into a regular website with its own closed
public and  it does not gather all the viewers together any more like our TV fathers...
"The End" of TV Era?...
Yes or No?...
Just imagine!...
It should be called TV revolution!...
No, TV renaissance!
In every country...
For the first time in history...
An only TV Channel turns to be 
The Main National TV Social Network,
but not the static one, like all existing web networks, but the live one...
It will now collect not a group of friends but us all together to show ourselves and
let us vote and decide -  what is good and what is evil in our common world...
Every day... It will also give a chance for some of us all ...
to become a millionaires....
From now on...
Every TV viewer of us by lottery draw can turn into
a famous hero of a daily reality show!
He'll be brought into the TV Show Studio and play the ever best simple game,
that every one is able to win it.
All the country plays the same game at home in front of its TV sets.
New game millionaires are born as a part of the show.
Who are they You ask?
It can be the Game TV studio hero and every TV viewer at home as well!
We all will watch and play this non stop show and wonder -
who will be the next millionaire?
May be You?
You have good chances, like any one else...
Now reality show hero is not very nice and young person any more...
not very clever, not very strong but any one of us!
Finally we all are equal!
Welcome to the happy world of Our New TV Reality...
    Our Last Reality Show!
Share our new world to save us all!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your World... Ours?

The most beautiful thing in the world could be Your own and only life!
Let us just change the world we all live in!
Our world...
The world of capitalism, where just the selected ones of us get
their personal chance for success in life, has almost died...
Some time before it had also died the world of socialism, the one
where nobody had his individual right for a own way in life...
And now...
Our new common world is being already born!
The world of us all, of happy geniuses...
The one, where everybody, no matter who he is,
every day can become a famous millionaire!
A dream?
The world of new super TV Game -
        Our Last Reality Show!
Share this world worldwide in order to get it!
P. S. What a country will be the first one to face the miracle?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You could never turn alone into the happier one...
You have ever felt - our common world should be changed...
The world of geniuses and regular people.
A Regular person?
Yes... You are not young, not so nice, not very strong,
not extra clever and not the wealthy one -
You have no chance to be accepted to
neither any TV show nor the life of success.
Yes... You have passed the rude casting of Your own destiny and You know...
Now nothing can be changed in Your only, but the hopeless life... 
Are You happy?...
It should be changed!
Every and each one of us all every second of his life should have
a hope and the real chance for a better, happier, wealthier  and worthier life...
So our ugly common world and Your own one would become happier ones!...
We all are worthy for it!
Because every one of us is a genius!...
I thought so when all of sudden invented for us
New Super TV Game - Our Last Reality Show!...
From now on, no matter who You are -
every day You can turn into a happy millionaire...
My unknown friend!
Please, be aware... Your life is burning with a flame of not a war, but the miracle...
You are keeping its unique and unrepeatable fire, genius!
Our Last Reality Show
The new super TV Show that is going to change the planet life.
Coming soon to Your country if You just want, I believe...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Be happy, millionaire...

My dear, may be unknown friend,
my neighbor on the planet, be happy!
Your only life should not be neither a struggle for money with every one else
nor a war against prices and taxes.
It's a pity, but we used to lack one more human right
in our common world reality of richness and poorness, democracy and equality ...
to become a wealthy one in a single day.
And now!
The sensation of the century!
Your own world is worthy for a better life!
And now...
No matter who You are, a man or a woman, the rich or a common one,
strong or weak, young or old, clever or regular one, nice or ugly looking person -
every day You get Your right and the real chance to turn into a happy millionaire!
Welcome to TV revolution!
From now on every day each one of us all (and You!) by a lottery draw
can become a TV Game hero and turn into a famous millionaire!
We all transfer into the new world,
the one that like our common Super Big Brother Show!
Your own tense and nervous life is going to be a happy game...
Our Last Reality Show!
Tell all Your friends about it to get this miracle together!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Once after a talk with my son I realized, that all of us,
all the people are like children...
We all love to play...
We all love money...
We still believe in miracles...
If there was a game, that would turn us all into
better, happier and wealthier people...
It would be a real miracle...
But it was just my dream...
Yes or No?
I have invented for ALL of us the New Super TV Game -
Our Last Reality Show!
For the first time in history no matter who You are -
each day You can be offered to become a millionaire!

Yes or No?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You are a genius...

You are a genius...
You have created Your own small world, nobody else but You live in.
You just realized that it is absolutely up to You only -
which step in life is possible for You and
which one is prohibited in Your world,
and what is good and what is bad...
You are aware You have ever been able to turn this
Your internal world into a better and a happier one!
You are genius.
You also know there always exists another big world around Yours... This is Ours...
You are happy...
You know and believe, that a day will come when every one else realizes...
We all together can create
Our New Common World
to be happy and wealthy in, because...
Everybody is genius!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are we all equal?

There is no equality among us all.
Is that because our biological difference?
Yes or no?
Yes, there is no biological equality between us all …
And we all still live by the law of jungle -
inside the bordered territory only the strong (physically and mentally)
is the one who survives.
All the strong ones easily leave behind them broken lives and suffering of others,
when they step on their road to own happiness.
Oh, Our Beautiful World…
A TV model of the world has been shown in Your national “Survivor “-
TV reality show.
The rules are simple in this world - it is well done with you if You are
a man, or strong one, or a smart, or young one, or good looking,
or the one with good connections and money.
And you are unlucky one of our world if you are thrown to be
a woman, or the elderly person, or a weak one, or ugly looking,
or a man who suffers from diseases …
Not a genius … Absolutely regular one with a conscience…
With his problems in the bank… So, the one like…
All ordinary people …
Those, who will never achieve a lot of money …
Money … We all need it!
This is the reason we stopped to be humans!
So there is nothing to do?
Is this just a point of Your bad fortune not to have a hope in Your own life?
Or it is a matter of the bad world order?
Are we all able to be happy with living like that? …
Do You like our life - war? … I asked myself.
I’m a normal one, I want to live, side by side with each other else,
in a world of happiness and love.
Even though it’s the world of money!
Money lured us to become animals in the world of possible overall unhappiness!
But... What can turn us into better, happier and wealthier people?
I asked myself a lot about it ..
But once…
That time I really managed to find the right answer to the main question and invented...
Our Last Reality Show

Money. On its way from evil to good!

We all live in a war…
Each one of us was born to struggle for money alone against the rest of people…
Money! That is why we can not be together!
Money always has been dividing us for singles.
Because of money people are fighting with as neighbors so their countrymen.
I do not believe you personally think money is our God
and money does not have a smell…
Anyway You, as all the rest, are the regular one to be hurt by others...
all because of money...
Money … We all need it … Our main formula of life sounds so simple.
No money, no happiness …
Yes! Money …
Because of it we learned to lie to others and to ourselves, to kill our own conscience,
pity and shame, to exert pressure (verbal? physical?) on others, to steal,
to bend down and be humiliated …
And to be ready for the worst to reach it!…
Yes! Money... This is our main life game...
We all accepted its only rule –
“We should(MUST?) gather money by every way!”
The problem is that the most of us will never become wealthy ones!...
What a deal!
Because of money, we all are dreaming about,
we created for ourselves the evil common world
of overall unhappiness and hopelessness!…
Is it forever?!… I asked that myself a lot...
The existing order was not acceptable for me …
And in my dreams I thought …
Yes! We all are different people, the ones of different professions and revenues level,
but we all together have created the common wealth of the world!
So why the wealthy life is not reachable for each of us?
It should be changed!
Every one should have his additional human right -
to become the rich one in a single day!
Each of us just should have a daily hope for his own wealth!
The formula for a personal happiness is so simple!
If each of us every day just would get his chance to become a millionaire!
If everybody’s step in life could make him a famous person!
And if all the country would vote for that person – he is a good or a bad one?
So money, this temptation that pushed us in the past to bad steps in life,
that was the power what can turn us all into better, happier and wealthier people!
A dream? Utopia?!
Our new world reality!
But.. Why the world of money will agree to all these changes?
Because the world of money will get the offer it can not refuse it … Big money!
 I realized that and invented… for all of us!
Our Last Reality Show
Share it and become a happy millionaire!

Please, Your present from...

We all are rushing for money, women or men, pleasures -
we see nothing but them around us.
We even missed entire beautiful world we all live in.
Our Beautiful World still loves us and gives us a present…
Our Last Reality Show

Soon! A miracle...

We all are going to discover…
…Our Last Reality Show …

My letter with a treatment for depressed friend... and You?

My dear friend!
Many years ago I used to feel all the things You are feeling now..
It was really hard depression of mine – so the harder one
I would not had survived…
I see…
You are simple suffering when just think about our hopeless world…
You are more than right, when consider…
"The world is so ugly, that there is no reason for me
to escape my depression.
It is mine at least! The rest of the world could not turn into the worse one!
It is also not able to become a worthier One!
In short…The overall hopelessness!…
Here is my cold judgment for the world we all live in!
Do not expect me to leave my depression and
become a part of your bad reality again!
We all are in our common trap… Stalemate… Yes…"
Dear friend, I used to suppose exactly like You!
The world is ugly indeed!
Our own hot desires for money and pleasures push us
to kill and to hurt, to lie and to abuse, not to trust and to feel humiliated…
All for the personal success…
Even when we get money by this way, are we happy?
We ourselves are the ugly part of our beautiful world!
Because of money we really missed our human faces…
Not You only, but the whole world is in a depression…
You feel alone in this world because You are a normal one,
who was thrown into the common depressed world!
So Your depression belongs not only to You, but to all of us!
So, stalemate, as You said?...
My dear, just imagine!
There exists a hope for all of us and for You!
I invented The Formula for Happiness!
We are going to become a better world!
From now on, money will be the reason for us to make only
good steps in our lives!
Right, till now all the good inside us has been destroyed by money…
But since the moment money will make us create
the world of  Good and Happiness!
Would You personally stay a depressed one,
if everyone around you lived his own life as a funny play, that
turns us all into a better, happier and wealthier people?
So You will surely be happy!
I’ll make this miracle for You!…
Our common life is going to be a happy game…
Our Last Reality Show…
Watch till the end the movie about it,
it will be the first step away from Your and Our depression!
Your fire! What is its nature?
I am not a candle…
My own nature is another one…
Do You sometimes feel as if You are just burned out?
By bell , book and candle?
If I would like to be as the others?
Yes or No?
Like those who have been burning with the same fire
since the birth till their (OURS?… no … Yes! )…end?
They just wrong when thinking that they live (and love?) their own and only life…
I am not a candle.
I feel myself burning like a candlewick…
Sometimes it feels I just have reached the destination,
nowhere and no reason for me to rush forward,
I have simple burned down…
For me now just to wait for the wind that will take my own ash away…
Everything is over for me in this life…
…And then all of sudden I realize
that from nowhere I've got another, but the burning one –
the end of my wick!..
Just ignited by a new life I am flaring with unknown fire and I am thinking…
Like now… the simplest thing…
If there exists the end of my fire?
Yes or No?
Have you already had the answer for yourself?
Yes or No?
I believe You are the worthy One to be happy,
when soon we will live our common lives as …
Our Last Reality Show…

Will You become a happy millionaire?

Our lives will surely turn into better ones, if…
we are just the worthy ones for a better life! Aren’t we?
That is the question!
...The one of Our Last Reality Show!

The miracle was born here…

Our Last Reality Show.
Its fire has been lit here…
The Galilee Sea shore…

The World oF Rats!

The hottest news!
“Lyubov Orlova” ‘s been saved!
Lyubov (love?!!!) Orlova!
This derelict cruise ship (…empty?…) was found full of rats.
It used to be their own world, the one thrown in the middle of ocean…
At first the rats would eat all non – metal ship parts (food?!) and then…
They would feed their children with a meat…
If it happened what the name of that world was?
The world of animals…
If this world is the common one with that of People (people…?)?
Yes or No?
Is it complicated for you to answer? OK!
Are you ready to pass over the wall named “somebody else’s pain”
when you are on your way to earn money?
Is it some simplier for You to answer now?
Yes or No?
Oh! … Our beautiful world…
Who am I?
The first one from 7 billion people, who managed to escape from ugly world of the planet,
that just survived its 22.12.2012 date of own death…
Yours, Waterfishman
P.S. My new world name is Our Last Reality Show…

You daily chance to become a millionaire!

Our Last Reality show
Dear friends!
I, Khanasyuk Dmitry, Israel, once realized.
Even if You currently are a strong and wealthy person -
it will not automatically turn Yourself into a happy one,
as You are surrounded by
the world of hopelessness and weakness.
A man should not think himself to be the better one than others.
Your sex, age, money, health and social status do not matter!
No one choses his own destiny.
We all are equal!
We all want and should have a right
to be wealthy and personally happy ones!
No one was born for a poorness and unhappiness!
Overall happiness is the only possible way to reach our personal happiness.
We all just need to lose our own fear!
Everyone should also get a hope in life!
No matter who and what You are now,
everyone should get his daily chance in life!
So we all would turn into better, wealthier and happier people!
I had been thinking so, when all of sudden invented…
Our Last Reality Show!
It is New TV Game that allows anybody to become a famous millionaire!
Look for it! Vote for it! Join it!
I believe – it will surely come true everywhere, and also in Your country and
You will turn into the game happy millionaire!
The game will show us all the right way to overall happiness!
Good luck for You!


Smile, please, when answer…
if I am so sweat indeed for my wild fish to kiss me?
A small miracle of Our Last Reality Show...
The Galilee Sea miracle!

All the truth about Israel!

It has never been a superpower...
Israel is my small country, that all depends from USA.
My clip about Israel and Israelis
would help You and US
to understand all of  us.
Please, be aware…
We all want to see our country as a peaceful place of born...
Our Last Reality Show

The entire world is welcome to become a happy one!

My own world has turned into a happy one!
The world of Our Last Reality Show!

Your worthy wealth!

It’s a pity, but till now the most of us
have been ready for the worst to get into a wealthy ones.
The world (We all!) should simple turn into a worthy one!...
To become the world of  wealth and happiness!
The one of Our Last Reality Show!
I trust in Good.

You could get it as a joke…

From now on everybody of us all
every day can turn into a millionaire!
Your own life is going to be a happy game…
Our Last Reality Show…

Our Last Reality Show

Our Last Reality Show
New movie about the game, that will change The World…
A miracle from the Holly Land will become Your own reward in the final scenes!

Wealthy wolf pack?

Till now the most of us all have been ready for the worst
to get the wealth…
Are we worthy for it?...
We are just unworthy ones – we lie, steal, hurt, betray, abuse and grovel -
all because of our fear not “to reach own success in life”… All because of... Money…
When we get it by this way – are we happy?
The most cold-blooded and ruthless of us get the best pieces of a meat.
It is rather a wolf pack law, not the human society’s one!
Would we be better people if to turn into a famous and wealthy one
was so simple as to answer Yes or No?…
If everyone of us could get his daily chance in life
when a lottery draw pointed to him
and he was brought to the TV Studio to play a simple and
most advantageous game of all in order
to become a happy millionaire… Let’s try!
Welcome to New Super TV Game – Our Last Reality Show!

No fear for a change?

For everyone it comes the time for a change,
otherwise we are going to lose ourselves as a part of the world…
Our new happy world name is Our Last Reality Show!

Be the first happy game millionaire!

Be the first one to take a step into the
new world of worthiness and happiness!
The world of Your richness! The world of
Our Last Reality Show!