Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are we all equal?

There is no equality among us all.
Is that because our biological difference?
Yes or no?
Yes, there is no biological equality between us all …
And we all still live by the law of jungle -
inside the bordered territory only the strong (physically and mentally)
is the one who survives.
All the strong ones easily leave behind them broken lives and suffering of others,
when they step on their road to own happiness.
Oh, Our Beautiful World…
A TV model of the world has been shown in Your national “Survivor “-
TV reality show.
The rules are simple in this world - it is well done with you if You are
a man, or strong one, or a smart, or young one, or good looking,
or the one with good connections and money.
And you are unlucky one of our world if you are thrown to be
a woman, or the elderly person, or a weak one, or ugly looking,
or a man who suffers from diseases …
Not a genius … Absolutely regular one with a conscience…
With his problems in the bank… So, the one like…
All ordinary people …
Those, who will never achieve a lot of money …
Money … We all need it!
This is the reason we stopped to be humans!
So there is nothing to do?
Is this just a point of Your bad fortune not to have a hope in Your own life?
Or it is a matter of the bad world order?
Are we all able to be happy with living like that? …
Do You like our life - war? … I asked myself.
I’m a normal one, I want to live, side by side with each other else,
in a world of happiness and love.
Even though it’s the world of money!
Money lured us to become animals in the world of possible overall unhappiness!
But... What can turn us into better, happier and wealthier people?
I asked myself a lot about it ..
But once…
That time I really managed to find the right answer to the main question and invented...
Our Last Reality Show

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