Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The World oF Rats!

The hottest news!
“Lyubov Orlova” ‘s been saved!
Lyubov (love?!!!) Orlova!
This derelict cruise ship (…empty?…) was found full of rats.
It used to be their own world, the one thrown in the middle of ocean…
At first the rats would eat all non – metal ship parts (food?!) and then…
They would feed their children with a meat…
If it happened what the name of that world was?
The world of animals…
If this world is the common one with that of People (people…?)?
Yes or No?
Is it complicated for you to answer? OK!
Are you ready to pass over the wall named “somebody else’s pain”
when you are on your way to earn money?
Is it some simplier for You to answer now?
Yes or No?
Oh! … Our beautiful world…
Who am I?
The first one from 7 billion people, who managed to escape from ugly world of the planet,
that just survived its 22.12.2012 date of own death…
Yours, Waterfishman
P.S. My new world name is Our Last Reality Show…

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