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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A better life for all, Mister Obama!

Dear Mister President!
I am Khanasyuk Dmitry, Israel.
Like You I care about the world.
I already rote for You when tried so hard to reach Your heart.
Please, realize!
You are also used to be a small man,
like the most of The Americans.
Then You raised to become the leader
of the main country of our world,
I know and believe, in order to turn their lives into better ones.
Not all the good changes You planned in The USA have become true.
Some of The Americans even feel themselves to be disappointed with You but Your battle for the good is not over yet.
Your way as The President and free world leader
is not simple and easy at all!
There also exist a lot of external threats for the west world now.
Every democratic country so needs its internal unity to win.
Even The USA -
the most free country in the world - is hit by the modern crisis.
Dear Barack Obama!
Realize, please!
All in the world depends from a small person -
You also were one of us!
Every crisis has mental nature only!
A small man is just so tired with all because there is nothing for him to believe to!
He is afraid to spend his small savings and
keeps it closer to his heart now! Why?
Today he rather believes to the harder days for him than his own better future!
Yes! He still lives in the free world.
But he has the theoretic chance for his own success in life only!
In fact he lives and works for paying his bills and just watches someone else's wealth!
He realized his life is so hopeless,
so why for him to keep working hardly and thus pull the whole world forward?
So we all got this hard crisis!
Dear Mister President!
You could be one who solves the problem!
Let's make that together with You!
Help me and we will reach that together!
This word made The USA the world leader!
"To go forward together when all have the same rights for own success!"
It is so American!
Dear Mister President!
You can really make every American life a better one!
Imagine now, please!
What a dream!
Each day the whole country is happy to make its daily job in a worthy and lawful manner.
Because You all are connected by Your common TV game -
National reality show when every TV viewer his own daily real simple free chance to become a millionaire!
It is never lasting non-stop overall TV play that unites The Nation together when shows You all for Yourselves and gives the equal instant chance for the richness in life for all!
Dear Barack! Believe me, please!
The Nation will be called all together to watch that somebody's chance when wait for his own one!
The game will be the best decision for the most of the social problems in the country and also the paradigm and right way for the rest of the world to escape the crisis!
The USA must be the first country of this miracle and its leader!
This game is as simple so etic and exciting one for all to play.
It will also guarantee unprecedented revenues for its TV Channel.
Learn it, please on
Dear Mister President!
To implement all that I am ready to co-operate with You immediately.
Best regards!
Faithfully Yours,
Dmitry Khanasyuk

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Телешоу "Россия против Украины" спасет мир!

Телешоу "Россия против Украины" спасет мир! Нас всех! И тебя! Присоединяйся!
И мы больше никогда не будем миром несчастных людей! Ведь лишь немногие из нас раньше обладали правом на успех в этом нашем общем мире.Тяжёлый безнадёжный труд до конца дней без шансов на богатство - это была судьба большинства, почти всех. Были ли мы счастливы? В жизни без веры в своё лучшее завтра, когда не на что над...еяться и нечего ждать? В отчаянии изменить свою собственную жизнь к лучшему многие были готовы на самое худшее, даже на войну...Кто бы поверил! Россия против Украины! Кто счастлив, когда его жизнь - война?... Забудем! Вспомни, что наша жизнь - игра! И случится твоё личное чудо! В новом ТВ реалити шоу " Россия против Украины" каждый телезритель получит право и ежедневный бесплатный шанс стать богатым за один день! Телеэкран больше не разделит нас на суперзвезд и обычных людей! Теперь Мы все равны и больше не будем воевать между собой за деньги! "Россия против Украины" - это не война! Это - наше всеобщее реалити шоу и твоя новая, счастливая жизнь! И не важно кто ты! Каждый день среди всех жителей твоей страны честная лоттерея выберет любого, и однажды - тебя! И он(Ты!) в телестудии на глазах у всего своего народа сыграет в игру "Россия против Украины", победит и станет известным миллионером! Все смогут выиграть эту игру! И ты! Чтобы стать счастливым миллионером ты лишь ответишь, только "Да" или "Нет"! Тебе покажут единственный клип, снятый нашей съёмочной группой где-то то ли в России, то ли на Украине. Герой клипа был пойман нашей скрытой камерой, когда совершил какое-то действие, хорошее или плохое, в его реальной жизни. Игра действительно проста! Итак. Кто он по-твоему, этот плохой или хороший человек? Русский? Украинец? Да, нет? Ответил правильно - Ты миллионер! Нет? Герой клипа, Русский ли, Украинец ли, получит этот миллион! А ты? Для тебя всё кончено? Нет! У тебя всегда есть надежда! Дождись результатов следующей лотереи и тогда!... На следующий год весь мир выберет другую горячую пару народов нашей общей планеты чтобы играть с ними (не воевать!) ради денег! Игра и Деньги успокоят их и нас, впервые не разобщат, а подружат всех! Мы все наконец-то поймём! Они все(мы?) - плохие и хорошие - так похожи! Пусть шансы на победу без войны будут равны для всех! Формула всеобщего мира проста - мир в душе каждого, и тебя! Ежедневный шанс на личное богатство для каждого - это то, что принесёт мир в наш общий, пока такой не спокойный мир! "Россия против Украины"! Добро пожаловать в эру личного успеха и мира во всём ТВ мире!

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Russia vs Ukraine" will save the world!

The New Super TV show "Russia vs Ukraine" will save the world!
Welcome to TV revolution!
Soon it'll create Your own life new reality and National overall reality show when all win! Why?
"Russia vs Ukraine" will surely win over Your personal hopelessness!
Nothing pushes You for Your own war against all the others any more!
All can succeed in life now and reach wealth by the worthy way!
Finally with this revolutionary TV game everyone of us all gets his right and daily chance to become the wealthy one in a single day!
We are already not divided to superstars and regular people by TV screen glass!
We all are equal ones now and should not keep struggling for money between us!
You will personally realize all that when "Russia vs Ukraine" comes to You!
How? Why?
No matter who You are!
Each day in every country by lottery draw among all anyone of us can be taken
into the show TV studio to play "Russia vs Ukraine" game in front of all his country, win and become a famous millionaire!
The game is simple! All can win it! For that it needs just "Yes" or "No" answer of Yours!
You will watch the only clip that were filmed by the game crew somewhere whether in Russia or Ukraine in a candid camera manner.
The clip hero was caught by the game when he took some action, good or bad one in his real life.
To turn into a happy millionaire for You to reply once only, just Yes or No!
Who is him? Russian? Ukrainian? Yes, No?
Answered correctly - You are a millionaire! No? The clip hero gets his million!
And what about You? Lost all? You ever have a hope and simple going to wait for the next lottery draw!...
On the next year another hottest couple of people on our common planet
will be chosen by us all to play(not fight!) for money with!
Everyone's simple daily chance for money is a proper way to overall peace!
Welcome to TV era of peace!
"Russia vs Ukraine" will stop a war in Your own heart!
Play? Yes or No?
You will surely have a choice for any answer of Yours
when not a war but rather the game knocks on Your door...


Saturday, March 29, 2014

TV Producer's main fear

To lose money?
Even now?
Just imagine!
You are the producer of the reality show of a new type.
Tonight all the country will be gathered in font of their own TV sets to watch it
and beat all the viewing records existed in Your country before! Why?
Every viewer has his personal reason not to miss the show.
Every one is already aware.
From now on he is not a watcher only but a contestant
of overall non - stop daily reality show and tonight one viewer at list among all
will surely turn into a happy millionaire!
Everybody expects and believe : maybe me!
Dear TV experts!
Is there somebody of You who as the show producer
would be scared to lose one million dollars prize money?
What is the fear?
The revenues to be the less than one million?
Even in the big or developed and democratic country when all are collected together?
No fear!
There exists a proper way for money to be back!
To call all people together - it is worth much more than one million...
Still scared?
Instead of to wait for the television decadence let's change the rules!
Let's stop this our sad TV realty in the epoch of the Internet!
Every TV viewer simple should get his active role and become the first prize challenger,
no matter who he is and what the talents of him are!
Let's open the new TV era - Television for all as a personal hope for a better life!
There already exists reality show of that new kind!
Just keep imaging!
The best common National game for all the ages,
it will make us all better, happier and wealthier people!
It'll be for all his/her real hope in life -
Our Last Reality Show.
Never again You face neither social tense nor personal hopelessness!
All by help the game.
Everyone's life would be a happy TV game... Yours... Play?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The TV show of a small man to save The Europe

If You still care - save The Europe!
Why The European civilization stuck?
Since the last(The Second?) war
all The European people used to believe...
"The worst is over. Now I believe! I'll work hard and thus succeed in My life!".
Then They all ever shouted about equality among all but never provided everyone of them with his main human right, with a personal instant chance for a better and wealthier life of Him.
The real, not theoretical, everybody's right for wealth.
In our common world, one of money -
the better life for an individual means simple more money of him or her, sorry. Right?
How we all want it!
But are they all have the same chances
for money and success in life in that old civilization now?
Is The Europe still unaware?
Every country is not the National United Team
that is made up of the best trade and human brands of its own
but it is every small person and his life in his own country.
For being a happy one for him is simple to have a hope
and get his daily, real, free chance for a much better life of him personally!
"Today is already lost? Anyway I have my hope in life and
I am already waiting for My happy tomorrow!"
What a happy life it could be for all!
It is a pity, but we all are so far from that. Why?
Once they all just had forgotten about him, а regular person of The Europe!
But he still exists in our world, that someone(an Eu ant?)
who is neither a superstar nor a famous brand holder, not a politician but only a small man who is really missed by all of them. He also realized - his hard work
pays for the bills only, it does not built the wealth of him!
He feels we all forgot!
He is that who have been making money for all, a small man...
All just do not care about him? But...
A small European - he is the common basis, no him - no money...
He indeed exists and really worked well for a long time in our common world but he still have not earned even a hope for a better life of him...
He can't go on the old way and push or pull them all together!
His life is not a happy game any more, but suffering!
Yes! An European is so tired and depressed now
that seemed nothing to save him?
He has neither a hope nor belief in his life, can he love all that and
keep working hard?
What should he do at all now, when he simple stuck?
Because of him, a small man, all The Europe stuck...
What though will save him and The Europe now?
Everyone's personal hope and the daily chance for a better life! Only!
How to get it?
With The Game!
Overall National TV show of every European country!
This simplest thing - 365 million dollars - is a small and funny part
of every country budget but it is that what can save them all!
Just one million per day for all and...
Every day in the game TV studio some contestants by lottery draw among all will take the chance to play in front of all the country as simple so interesting overall TV game to become a millionaire!
No one won today?
The first prize of the next game episode(tomorrow!?) will grow by a million!
Who and when will finally take that mad money? Anyone!
Let's just wait for the following lottery draw results and. then...
Tonight like any day...
Maybe him, may be You!...
Each day everybody can win his own wealthy life!
With that game each one of us every day will get a hope in life!
Everyone would simple make his professional and social job calmly
till that happy day when he or she... You! Me!...
...The European economy would also stand up from the knees
when it strengthened by our common hope and belief!
Great for all! We do not need The Third War whether to say after again -
"The worst is over! I believe!.."
What is European renaissance!?
When anyone and all together believe - my Own life will be a better one!
Nowadays this belief is only Everybody's daily opportunity
to become the wealthy one in a single day!
Europa Governments! Wake up!
You need to spend just 365 millions to save Yourselves!
Spend that small money to guarantee all You need!
Everyone's daily, calm, hopeful work for him and his country!
That is the sum You can buy It with!
A hope and personal life stimulus for every citizen of Yours,
I believe You care, even for Yourself!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Money for all!

Why we all were happy in our own childhood?
It is simple.
Then all the things around us looked yet the same for us -
everything were unknown, mystic and interesting.
I realised all the things were in their own places. So money.
Then for me money was a paper,
just one more regular part of the world
whose place is in the handbag of Mom.
Yes! I used to be happy then!
I just was free from any thing!
I also was free from a fear...
Not... to reach... to become... to get through.
I was then happy in the world without career and success.
The world of money!
I had been simple still unaware
that my personal fantastic unique  life
was going to turn into one that similar to all  the other's -
the lonely war for money against all the rest...
Are we happy with that?
What a good life of us! be enslaved by neither a paper nor just a thing...
Yes. All our own lives are mainly ruled by a power...
Now my own place in our world is in money's pocket!
What a Happiness!
A man!
May I be free and happy again?
Please, make that for me!
Be aware! There exists the only way -  to take that right step jointly.
If we all need money - to be happy for us is not to struggle for it
but make money together for all!
Let's take this new track!
We all will realise!
We are not the slaves of money - we lead it!
A man! Join me!
Join our new world of  happiness!
The main rule of us -
Money for all!