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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The letter to happy world of friends!

Hi, friend!
Can I ask You to send the letter of happiness to all Your friends!
Make every Your friend a happy millionaire!
Dear friend! I need Your help!
I want all the world to read my next message!
It is about...
My happy life history.
Believe me, it will make You and many others happy millionaires!
It will also be Your happy life history!
If You really feels Yourself to be my friend - help me, please!
Save us! Save us all!
Ask all Your friends to take a care about the share of this letter -
my scream for help - to all friends of their friends!
Make them happy millionaires as well!
I believe! The friend's help is able for a miracle and
by Your help every Human will read this!
That will turn our world into a friendly and wealthy one!...
So my happy life history.
Like You, probably, I have ever been considering
it is impossible for me to turn into the happy one if I am still a poor one.
I went for money.
I made a lot of bad steps in life needed
to earn my own living in our unhappy common world, but...
With every filth I did, even when I got good money for that...
I always felt the internal unworthy pressure... of guilty.
It seemed I arranged this filth for myself only, not for others.
I just realised!
When we harm others - we also hurt ourselves, not others only!
A man, be aware!
Every step in life of Yours can be either a crime or a miracle!
So You can feel Your life as either a happy game or
Your own guilty punishment by Our Beautiful Eternal World...
So when a dirty action of mine even brought money,
was I happy?... Yes or No?
I managed to change my own world!
Since I took another track in life - I am believing!
It is possible for me and everybody else
to walk along Your and my own lives
on the worthy and happy way for a wealth!
I believe!
It will come the day
that I have already paid with the last bad event of my life for my guilty.
Yes! I paid back with my own pain - the rightful price for the pain
of all those I had ever hurt and wronged
on my former wrong way but now I believe!
From now on I will make good steps in life only to become
a happier, better, wealthier person!
Now! I am a proud and happy person,
I am on my way to become...
A happy millionaire!
Thank, You, friend!
Your Dmitry.
P.S. If You also dream to be a happy millionaire - the dream to come true
You should just take the only wright next step
and Your tense life will turn into a happy game -
Our Last Reality Show... Just find it!
PP.S Keys for the happy and wealthy life are simple!
Before every step of Yours - just ask Yourself -
if it will harm others?
Tell all Your friends - this simple rule is the proper way for them and You
to become happy millionaires. I wish You and believe!
Let's change the ugly world we all live in!
Let's be the world of happy friends when every friend has
his daily, free, real, personal chance to become a millionaire!
Our Last Reality Show

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A man, STOP! SOS!

A man, STOP! SOS!
Tell all Your friends - we should stop that!
Your own unhappy life is just a war...
You are fighting alone against the entire world... for money.
You should be aware there exists the proper way for You
not to struggle  any more
but become a happy part of our common beautiful world!
You, like anybody else, could live Your life as a happy overall game -
Our Last Reality Show!
The rules are very simple - You and every one of us all get
Your daily, free, real, personal chance
 to turn into a millionaire!
 It is indeed so possible for You!
 You will realise that
 when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
 Our Last Reality Show!
 Make the first step towards Your happiness!
 Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! Save us all! SOS!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Save Your Life!

A Man, Stop!
Your life in danger!
Yes! Your own and the only life!...
It could be a happy game, but it is the deadly play... for money...
No! You are not a player, but rather a warrior
who every morning leaves his home-citadel to go to the war
against anybody else!
Your aim is to be the better one than others
when we all try to cut a juicier piece for ourselves only
from the mutual hunk of.. our common money...
You are aware... Every one wants to win and You may lose all...
But even if You win wealth - what a happy life of Yours it will be?
The one of the man who is surrounded by a hungry wolf pack,
that is ready for the worst to reach money, Your money...
Very bad, but be honest... You are just unhappy
when You also have to harm others to earn Your living...
Yes! Our world is far from being the world of overall happiness...
There is no hope for a happier and worthier life... Yes?
Stop! A man, smile, please!
We all, the people, are able to leave forever this world of animals
till now we live in!
Let's create together New Beautiful World of The Happy People!
There exists the truly track!
It is so possible for us not to struggle all together for money but
play along a good, daily TV Game that makes us all happy!
Every morning You will be happy to feel that You, like any one else,
are getting into a better, happier and wealthier person!
You are happy and calm, You are just aware...
Today, like any other day, no war between all is needed any more
to turn into the wealthy one! Yes!
Every one, and You, has got his personal, real, free chance
to become a millionaire!
It is so possible indeed! You will realise that
when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
Our Last Reality Show!
Make the first step towards Your happiness!
Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! SOS!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My last depressed day! Yours?

My last depressed day! May be Yours?
It could be Yours!
I wish You all that!
For about ten long and ugly years I had been depressed and
nothing medical helped me, not alcohol, not drugs.
Every second of that my life I simple dreamed to escape from myself.
Then I realised the main reason of my depression and  I got slowly changed.
My depression disappeared as well, step by step.
You could also do it! You should just realise.
We are all the same.
In our common world we are regular that happy life is
to be personally successful one and to make good money.
It means You have to do a lot of bad things for other People,
otherwise You would miss the chance for Your own success.
So, we seemed have no a choice...
To be a winner means to win over them, others...
What a happy life!
Would You still wait for a warm friendship from all those people who
You are surrounded by?
Or You are just aware they are ready for a attack?
Because they should be successful ones... They need money...
I do not exist for them. I am so alone in this war...
That is the reason that our lives are so fearful and sad ones -
our brain forever keeps Trojan information about
all our dirty steps in life we did, even if we have already forgotten
all those we made them suffer.
I should be honest to myself,
My cold mathematical brain, this computer of mine,
can find the only possible value for my personality!
"I am a bad person of a bad world."
Yes. I am just a part of the common depression.
Yes, I am really depressed... Why do I feel bad now?
Is it my punishment? My present bad feeling is, probably, my reward
I deserved for some my own past mistake!
Can it be stopped?
Is there a sure way for my recovery?
I just realised!
We are personally responsible for every our step in life.
To be a good person is the first step of the needed treatment!
First of all!
I swear to myself!
In the future nothing will force me to harm others!
I believe!
It will come a day I already paid back all those I had hurt and wronged
and from now on I am free from a possible punishment to come...
I am free and happy!...
Today I am a man who used to be depressed.
Is there a chance for You as well and for anyone else?
We should just change our depressed lives-war!
In order not to struggle for success against all others -
every one should get his own chance in life for a personal success.
A dream?
Just remember - "Our life is a game!".
I suggest You all, depressed and not depressed personally ones,
to turn our single lives inside the depressed world
into a happy and good non-stop TV story(game!)
of Our Beautiful Common World!
We would live there in a worthy and calm way and
every one of us would check his next step out, if it is the good one? Why?
From now on...
In Our World we all are equal and there is no matter who You are.
Healthy or the sick one... Man or Woman...
Your age, look, IQ, muscle power level, money - do not matter -
You gets Your own, daily, real, free chance to become
a happy and famous millionaire!
It is so possible now!
You will believe me - just read
"Rules of the game"
of Our Last Reality Show!
I believe! You will become a better, happier and wealthier person on a day!
The last day of Your own depression!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A mutual friend of the world...

Hi! Friend, I recognise You!
We are just the same!
We all are so tired of the kind of our lives.
Drop it away and welcome to our new common world of happiness!
We live together covered with mutual love and respect! Why?
We all are equal here in our world and...
Every one of us has his daily, real, free chance
to turn into a millionaire!...
Would You personally replace Your hopeless life with a happy game of
a new overall super TV reality show?
Yes or No?
Are You IN?