Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Save Your Life!

A Man, Stop!
Your life in danger!
Yes! Your own and the only life!...
It could be a happy game, but it is the deadly play... for money...
No! You are not a player, but rather a warrior
who every morning leaves his home-citadel to go to the war
against anybody else!
Your aim is to be the better one than others
when we all try to cut a juicier piece for ourselves only
from the mutual hunk of.. our common money...
You are aware... Every one wants to win and You may lose all...
But even if You win wealth - what a happy life of Yours it will be?
The one of the man who is surrounded by a hungry wolf pack,
that is ready for the worst to reach money, Your money...
Very bad, but be honest... You are just unhappy
when You also have to harm others to earn Your living...
Yes! Our world is far from being the world of overall happiness...
There is no hope for a happier and worthier life... Yes?
Stop! A man, smile, please!
We all, the people, are able to leave forever this world of animals
till now we live in!
Let's create together New Beautiful World of The Happy People!
There exists the truly track!
It is so possible for us not to struggle all together for money but
play along a good, daily TV Game that makes us all happy!
Every morning You will be happy to feel that You, like any one else,
are getting into a better, happier and wealthier person!
You are happy and calm, You are just aware...
Today, like any other day, no war between all is needed any more
to turn into the wealthy one! Yes!
Every one, and You, has got his personal, real, free chance
to become a millionaire!
It is so possible indeed! You will realise that
when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
Our Last Reality Show!
Make the first step towards Your happiness!
Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! SOS!

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