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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You could never turn alone into the happier one...
You have ever felt - our common world should be changed...
The world of geniuses and regular people.
A Regular person?
Yes... You are not young, not so nice, not very strong,
not extra clever and not the wealthy one -
You have no chance to be accepted to
neither any TV show nor the life of success.
Yes... You have passed the rude casting of Your own destiny and You know...
Now nothing can be changed in Your only, but the hopeless life... 
Are You happy?...
It should be changed!
Every and each one of us all every second of his life should have
a hope and the real chance for a better, happier, wealthier  and worthier life...
So our ugly common world and Your own one would become happier ones!...
We all are worthy for it!
Because every one of us is a genius!...
I thought so when all of sudden invented for us
New Super TV Game - Our Last Reality Show!...
From now on, no matter who You are -
every day You can turn into a happy millionaire...
My unknown friend!
Please, be aware... Your life is burning with a flame of not a war, but the miracle...
You are keeping its unique and unrepeatable fire, genius!
Our Last Reality Show
The new super TV Show that is going to change the planet life.
Coming soon to Your country if You just want, I believe...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Be happy, millionaire...

My dear, may be unknown friend,
my neighbor on the planet, be happy!
Your only life should not be neither a struggle for money with every one else
nor a war against prices and taxes.
It's a pity, but we used to lack one more human right
in our common world reality of richness and poorness, democracy and equality ...
to become a wealthy one in a single day.
And now!
The sensation of the century!
Your own world is worthy for a better life!
And now...
No matter who You are, a man or a woman, the rich or a common one,
strong or weak, young or old, clever or regular one, nice or ugly looking person -
every day You get Your right and the real chance to turn into a happy millionaire!
Welcome to TV revolution!
From now on every day each one of us all (and You!) by a lottery draw
can become a TV Game hero and turn into a famous millionaire!
We all transfer into the new world,
the one that like our common Super Big Brother Show!
Your own tense and nervous life is going to be a happy game...
Our Last Reality Show!
Tell all Your friends about it to get this miracle together!