Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You could never turn alone into the happier one...
You have ever felt - our common world should be changed...
The world of geniuses and regular people.
A Regular person?
Yes... You are not young, not so nice, not very strong,
not extra clever and not the wealthy one -
You have no chance to be accepted to
neither any TV show nor the life of success.
Yes... You have passed the rude casting of Your own destiny and You know...
Now nothing can be changed in Your only, but the hopeless life... 
Are You happy?...
It should be changed!
Every and each one of us all every second of his life should have
a hope and the real chance for a better, happier, wealthier  and worthier life...
So our ugly common world and Your own one would become happier ones!...
We all are worthy for it!
Because every one of us is a genius!...
I thought so when all of sudden invented for us
New Super TV Game - Our Last Reality Show!...
From now on, no matter who You are -
every day You can turn into a happy millionaire...
My unknown friend!
Please, be aware... Your life is burning with a flame of not a war, but the miracle...
You are keeping its unique and unrepeatable fire, genius!
Our Last Reality Show
The new super TV Show that is going to change the planet life.
Coming soon to Your country if You just want, I believe...


  1. Personalmente, sólo quiero ser rica en amor. La igualdad y la justicia en el mundo es una utopía, pero tengo esperanza en que el mundo cambie a mejor un día... El dinero no da la felicidad, sólo la sensación aparente de ella, el poder poseer más cosas materiales, mas la vida es hermosa en su sencillez y la naturaleza nos lo demuestra cada día.
    Hoy es un día radiante, estoy en la orilla del puerto paseando, los amigos ríen, nos subimos a un barco, y unos amigos cantan con su guitarra canciones al atardecer... Eso es riqueza!!!
    Saludos desde esta orilla mediterránea.

  2. Clarisa, keep being happy and good luck for You
    from another side of The Mediterranean!

  3. Very interesting concept. Cannot wait to read more.

  4. Dear Dorothy, have You already red "The rules of the game"?