Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your World... Ours?

The most beautiful thing in the world could be Your own and only life!
Let us just change the world we all live in!
Our world...
The world of capitalism, where just the selected ones of us get
their personal chance for success in life, has almost died...
Some time before it had also died the world of socialism, the one
where nobody had his individual right for a own way in life...
And now...
Our new common world is being already born!
The world of us all, of happy geniuses...
The one, where everybody, no matter who he is,
every day can become a famous millionaire!
A dream?
The world of new super TV Game -
        Our Last Reality Show!
Share this world worldwide in order to get it!
P. S. What a country will be the first one to face the miracle?

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