Monday, July 22, 2013

Be happy, millionaire...

My dear, may be unknown friend,
my neighbor on the planet, be happy!
Your only life should not be neither a struggle for money with every one else
nor a war against prices and taxes.
It's a pity, but we used to lack one more human right
in our common world reality of richness and poorness, democracy and equality ...
to become a wealthy one in a single day.
And now!
The sensation of the century!
Your own world is worthy for a better life!
And now...
No matter who You are, a man or a woman, the rich or a common one,
strong or weak, young or old, clever or regular one, nice or ugly looking person -
every day You get Your right and the real chance to turn into a happy millionaire!
Welcome to TV revolution!
From now on every day each one of us all (and You!) by a lottery draw
can become a TV Game hero and turn into a famous millionaire!
We all transfer into the new world,
the one that like our common Super Big Brother Show!
Your own tense and nervous life is going to be a happy game...
Our Last Reality Show!
Tell all Your friends about it to get this miracle together!

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