Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A man, STOP! SOS!

A man, STOP! SOS!
Tell all Your friends - we should stop that!
Your own unhappy life is just a war...
You are fighting alone against the entire world... for money.
You should be aware there exists the proper way for You
not to struggle  any more
but become a happy part of our common beautiful world!
You, like anybody else, could live Your life as a happy overall game -
Our Last Reality Show!
The rules are very simple - You and every one of us all get
Your daily, free, real, personal chance
 to turn into a millionaire!
 It is indeed so possible for You!
 You will realise that
 when find and read "Rules of the Game" on the web of
 Our Last Reality Show!
 Make the first step towards Your happiness!
 Save Your Soul! Save Your friends! Save us all! SOS!

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