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Saturday, March 29, 2014

TV Producer's main fear

To lose money?
Even now?
Just imagine!
You are the producer of the reality show of a new type.
Tonight all the country will be gathered in font of their own TV sets to watch it
and beat all the viewing records existed in Your country before! Why?
Every viewer has his personal reason not to miss the show.
Every one is already aware.
From now on he is not a watcher only but a contestant
of overall non - stop daily reality show and tonight one viewer at list among all
will surely turn into a happy millionaire!
Everybody expects and believe : maybe me!
Dear TV experts!
Is there somebody of You who as the show producer
would be scared to lose one million dollars prize money?
What is the fear?
The revenues to be the less than one million?
Even in the big or developed and democratic country when all are collected together?
No fear!
There exists a proper way for money to be back!
To call all people together - it is worth much more than one million...
Still scared?
Instead of to wait for the television decadence let's change the rules!
Let's stop this our sad TV realty in the epoch of the Internet!
Every TV viewer simple should get his active role and become the first prize challenger,
no matter who he is and what the talents of him are!
Let's open the new TV era - Television for all as a personal hope for a better life!
There already exists reality show of that new kind!
Just keep imaging!
The best common National game for all the ages,
it will make us all better, happier and wealthier people!
It'll be for all his/her real hope in life -
Our Last Reality Show.
Never again You face neither social tense nor personal hopelessness!
All by help the game.
Everyone's life would be a happy TV game... Yours... Play?

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