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Friday, April 4, 2014

"Russia vs Ukraine" will save the world!

The New Super TV show "Russia vs Ukraine" will save the world!
Welcome to TV revolution!
Soon it'll create Your own life new reality and National overall reality show when all win! Why?
"Russia vs Ukraine" will surely win over Your personal hopelessness!
Nothing pushes You for Your own war against all the others any more!
All can succeed in life now and reach wealth by the worthy way!
Finally with this revolutionary TV game everyone of us all gets his right and daily chance to become the wealthy one in a single day!
We are already not divided to superstars and regular people by TV screen glass!
We all are equal ones now and should not keep struggling for money between us!
You will personally realize all that when "Russia vs Ukraine" comes to You!
How? Why?
No matter who You are!
Each day in every country by lottery draw among all anyone of us can be taken
into the show TV studio to play "Russia vs Ukraine" game in front of all his country, win and become a famous millionaire!
The game is simple! All can win it! For that it needs just "Yes" or "No" answer of Yours!
You will watch the only clip that were filmed by the game crew somewhere whether in Russia or Ukraine in a candid camera manner.
The clip hero was caught by the game when he took some action, good or bad one in his real life.
To turn into a happy millionaire for You to reply once only, just Yes or No!
Who is him? Russian? Ukrainian? Yes, No?
Answered correctly - You are a millionaire! No? The clip hero gets his million!
And what about You? Lost all? You ever have a hope and simple going to wait for the next lottery draw!...
On the next year another hottest couple of people on our common planet
will be chosen by us all to play(not fight!) for money with!
Everyone's simple daily chance for money is a proper way to overall peace!
Welcome to TV era of peace!
"Russia vs Ukraine" will stop a war in Your own heart!
Play? Yes or No?
You will surely have a choice for any answer of Yours
when not a war but rather the game knocks on Your door...


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