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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A better life for all, Mister Obama!

Dear Mister President!
I am Khanasyuk Dmitry, Israel.
Like You I care about the world.
I already rote for You when tried so hard to reach Your heart.
Please, realize!
You are also used to be a small man,
like the most of The Americans.
Then You raised to become the leader
of the main country of our world,
I know and believe, in order to turn their lives into better ones.
Not all the good changes You planned in The USA have become true.
Some of The Americans even feel themselves to be disappointed with You but Your battle for the good is not over yet.
Your way as The President and free world leader
is not simple and easy at all!
There also exist a lot of external threats for the west world now.
Every democratic country so needs its internal unity to win.
Even The USA -
the most free country in the world - is hit by the modern crisis.
Dear Barack Obama!
Realize, please!
All in the world depends from a small person -
You also were one of us!
Every crisis has mental nature only!
A small man is just so tired with all because there is nothing for him to believe to!
He is afraid to spend his small savings and
keeps it closer to his heart now! Why?
Today he rather believes to the harder days for him than his own better future!
Yes! He still lives in the free world.
But he has the theoretic chance for his own success in life only!
In fact he lives and works for paying his bills and just watches someone else's wealth!
He realized his life is so hopeless,
so why for him to keep working hardly and thus pull the whole world forward?
So we all got this hard crisis!
Dear Mister President!
You could be one who solves the problem!
Let's make that together with You!
Help me and we will reach that together!
This word made The USA the world leader!
"To go forward together when all have the same rights for own success!"
It is so American!
Dear Mister President!
You can really make every American life a better one!
Imagine now, please!
What a dream!
Each day the whole country is happy to make its daily job in a worthy and lawful manner.
Because You all are connected by Your common TV game -
National reality show when every TV viewer his own daily real simple free chance to become a millionaire!
It is never lasting non-stop overall TV play that unites The Nation together when shows You all for Yourselves and gives the equal instant chance for the richness in life for all!
Dear Barack! Believe me, please!
The Nation will be called all together to watch that somebody's chance when wait for his own one!
The game will be the best decision for the most of the social problems in the country and also the paradigm and right way for the rest of the world to escape the crisis!
The USA must be the first country of this miracle and its leader!
This game is as simple so etic and exciting one for all to play.
It will also guarantee unprecedented revenues for its TV Channel.
Learn it, please on
Dear Mister President!
To implement all that I am ready to co-operate with You immediately.
Best regards!
Faithfully Yours,
Dmitry Khanasyuk

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