Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Money. On its way from evil to good!

We all live in a war…
Each one of us was born to struggle for money alone against the rest of people…
Money! That is why we can not be together!
Money always has been dividing us for singles.
Because of money people are fighting with as neighbors so their countrymen.
I do not believe you personally think money is our God
and money does not have a smell…
Anyway You, as all the rest, are the regular one to be hurt by others...
all because of money...
Money … We all need it … Our main formula of life sounds so simple.
No money, no happiness …
Yes! Money …
Because of it we learned to lie to others and to ourselves, to kill our own conscience,
pity and shame, to exert pressure (verbal? physical?) on others, to steal,
to bend down and be humiliated …
And to be ready for the worst to reach it!…
Yes! Money... This is our main life game...
We all accepted its only rule –
“We should(MUST?) gather money by every way!”
The problem is that the most of us will never become wealthy ones!...
What a deal!
Because of money, we all are dreaming about,
we created for ourselves the evil common world
of overall unhappiness and hopelessness!…
Is it forever?!… I asked that myself a lot...
The existing order was not acceptable for me …
And in my dreams I thought …
Yes! We all are different people, the ones of different professions and revenues level,
but we all together have created the common wealth of the world!
So why the wealthy life is not reachable for each of us?
It should be changed!
Every one should have his additional human right -
to become the rich one in a single day!
Each of us just should have a daily hope for his own wealth!
The formula for a personal happiness is so simple!
If each of us every day just would get his chance to become a millionaire!
If everybody’s step in life could make him a famous person!
And if all the country would vote for that person – he is a good or a bad one?
So money, this temptation that pushed us in the past to bad steps in life,
that was the power what can turn us all into better, happier and wealthier people!
A dream? Utopia?!
Our new world reality!
But.. Why the world of money will agree to all these changes?
Because the world of money will get the offer it can not refuse it … Big money!
 I realized that and invented… for all of us!
Our Last Reality Show
Share it and become a happy millionaire!

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