Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wealthy wolf pack?

Till now the most of us all have been ready for the worst
to get the wealth…
Are we worthy for it?...
We are just unworthy ones – we lie, steal, hurt, betray, abuse and grovel -
all because of our fear not “to reach own success in life”… All because of... Money…
When we get it by this way – are we happy?
The most cold-blooded and ruthless of us get the best pieces of a meat.
It is rather a wolf pack law, not the human society’s one!
Would we be better people if to turn into a famous and wealthy one
was so simple as to answer Yes or No?…
If everyone of us could get his daily chance in life
when a lottery draw pointed to him
and he was brought to the TV Studio to play a simple and
most advantageous game of all in order
to become a happy millionaire… Let’s try!
Welcome to New Super TV Game – Our Last Reality Show! 

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