Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My letter with a treatment for depressed friend... and You?

My dear friend!
Many years ago I used to feel all the things You are feeling now..
It was really hard depression of mine – so the harder one
I would not had survived…
I see…
You are simple suffering when just think about our hopeless world…
You are more than right, when consider…
"The world is so ugly, that there is no reason for me
to escape my depression.
It is mine at least! The rest of the world could not turn into the worse one!
It is also not able to become a worthier One!
In short…The overall hopelessness!…
Here is my cold judgment for the world we all live in!
Do not expect me to leave my depression and
become a part of your bad reality again!
We all are in our common trap… Stalemate… Yes…"
Dear friend, I used to suppose exactly like You!
The world is ugly indeed!
Our own hot desires for money and pleasures push us
to kill and to hurt, to lie and to abuse, not to trust and to feel humiliated…
All for the personal success…
Even when we get money by this way, are we happy?
We ourselves are the ugly part of our beautiful world!
Because of money we really missed our human faces…
Not You only, but the whole world is in a depression…
You feel alone in this world because You are a normal one,
who was thrown into the common depressed world!
So Your depression belongs not only to You, but to all of us!
So, stalemate, as You said?...
My dear, just imagine!
There exists a hope for all of us and for You!
I invented The Formula for Happiness!
We are going to become a better world!
From now on, money will be the reason for us to make only
good steps in our lives!
Right, till now all the good inside us has been destroyed by money…
But since the moment money will make us create
the world of  Good and Happiness!
Would You personally stay a depressed one,
if everyone around you lived his own life as a funny play, that
turns us all into a better, happier and wealthier people?
So You will surely be happy!
I’ll make this miracle for You!…
Our common life is going to be a happy game…
Our Last Reality Show…
Watch till the end the movie about it,
it will be the first step away from Your and Our depression!

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