Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You daily chance to become a millionaire!

Our Last Reality show
Dear friends!
I, Khanasyuk Dmitry, Israel, once realized.
Even if You currently are a strong and wealthy person -
it will not automatically turn Yourself into a happy one,
as You are surrounded by
the world of hopelessness and weakness.
A man should not think himself to be the better one than others.
Your sex, age, money, health and social status do not matter!
No one choses his own destiny.
We all are equal!
We all want and should have a right
to be wealthy and personally happy ones!
No one was born for a poorness and unhappiness!
Overall happiness is the only possible way to reach our personal happiness.
We all just need to lose our own fear!
Everyone should also get a hope in life!
No matter who and what You are now,
everyone should get his daily chance in life!
So we all would turn into better, wealthier and happier people!
I had been thinking so, when all of sudden invented…
Our Last Reality Show!
It is New TV Game that allows anybody to become a famous millionaire!
Look for it! Vote for it! Join it!
I believe – it will surely come true everywhere, and also in Your country and
You will turn into the game happy millionaire!
The game will show us all the right way to overall happiness!
Good luck for You!

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