Sunday, September 1, 2013

Do not cry, a happy millionaire!

 Every one of us cries...
"Oh, God!
If all bad events of my life are punishments I deserved
because of my own past wrong steps in life?
...So Your judgement is the unjust one!
Why lives of those people are
happier and more successful ones than mine?
Is it because of their " good behaviour ",
the one much worse than mine?
They are ready for the worst for money..."

We should realize the simplest thing...
We ourselves and all visible and invisible items existing around us
compose together eternal alive world, we all live in.
Our World.
You are an irreplaceable part of it, who is able to change it
with every Your step in Your life of Our World!
Into a better or a poorer one?
Is it up to You?
Everybody is so unique he even lives in his own unrepeatable small world in
accordance with his individual set of laws, that differs from anybody else's one.
That set had been somehow chosen and determined
as his personal life order for each and every one of us
by Our Common World(God?).
So our prizes and penalties, we get for the same good and bad
things we did in our lives, also differ from a person to another one!
So we initially are not equal?
Are we all kinds of  His puppets?
Do not we have any choice?...
Dry Your tears.
We all are inimitable geniuses.
Right, We are so various, but all together...
We could turn our fearful and hopeless common lives
into a happy game, where every one makes a choice
before each his next move when checks it out -
if it would be a good step in his life or a bad(evil?) one?
That is the question!
The main question of Your life - this
Our Last Reality Show!
This TV Game will come soon to create the new reality
of overall equality in Your country,
where every Your right answer on Your own main question
can make You a happy millionaire!
Just be the worthy one when waiting calmly for Your personal success.
Dear friend,  simple smile instead of crying.
To make Our World a better one
just wish all Your fiends one million dollar smile.
You will get it back, on a day...

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